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Hitting the slopes can be a great joy, and it'll be even better if you're prepared! Take a look at the resources listed on this page to ensure your time in the snow is as fun and safe as it can be.

Required forms

The following forms must be on file before you participate in programs with Alpine Adventures:

Sacramento-area shops

The shops listed have been in business for many years and their owners and/or managers have a reputation for giving our members excellent customer service. We highly recommend them. Shops marked with an asterisk (*) provide our members with special equipment rental programs. If you aren't local to the Sacramento area, we recommend you find a local shop that can meet your needs.
  • Land Park Ski and Sports* 4207 Freeport Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95822 (916) 451-2800 landparkski.com
  • Helm of Sun Valley 2843 Howe Ave Sacramento, CA 95821-4593 (916) 922-5431 helmsunvalley.com
  • Ken's Bike Ski Board* 650 G St Davis, CA 95616-3726 (530) 758-3223 kensbikeski.com

Helpful tips

The staff of Alpine Adventures offer the following suggestions concerning getting your gear:

Equipment checklist

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory for skiing and riding in stormy weather. Note: Temperatures range from -10˚ to 45˚ degrees on winter days in the Sierra. The weather can change from sunny to blizzard and back in a matter of minutes! Make sure you are prepared for all weather.
  • Skis/snowboard: correct length – bindings adjusted for YOU by an authorized technician.
  • Ski brakes for skis, retention device for snowboards.
  • Boots: properly fitted.
  • Socks: bring two pairs – one for the bus ride and a pair for your ski/board boots. Be nice to your feet and get socks designed for ski or board boots. They’re worth it!
  • Poles: proper length.
  • *Gloves or mittens: water-resistant.
  • Waterproof sun block: #15 or higher.
  • *Hat: warm, must cover ears.
  • Water-resistant warm up pants or ski pants.
  • Thermal underwear: for added warmth on cold days.
  • Ski and snowboard bag or straps: to protect and/or hold skis together during transport.
  • Duffel bag/knapsack: to keep your small things together.
  • *Face mask or scarf: protection from wind and snow.
  • Clothing and equipment identification. Many ski items look alike. Mark all your equipment with your name. Use masking tape with your name for ALL rental gear.
  • Sunglasses: for sunny days. Note: Eye protection is mandatory on sunny days.
  • *Waterproof & windproof jacket or poncho and pants – for those wet days.
  • *Goggles: to use when it's snowing. (May be used in place of sunglasses if equipped with dark lenses.)
  • Ski and board lock: to secure your equipment when not skiing. ALWAYS lock your equipment!
  • *Parka or ski jacket: insulated, usually worn over a sweater. Important! Be aware that most parkas and ski jackets are NOT waterproof! They will soak through on wet days. Use a waterproof poncho over your ski jacket for those wet days.
  • Helmet: If you choose to wear a helmet it must be a winter recreational activity specific approved helmet. A helmet may reduce but WILL NOT ELIMINATE THE RISK of any injuries or death from head or neck injuries, even at slow speeds.
  • Wrist guards for snowboarders: these help reduce the risk of wrist injuries. Make sure they fit with your gloves on. Highly recommended!